PICK OF THE WEEK: Skoda - "The Baking Of..."

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Skoda - 'The Baking Of...'
Skoda - 'The Baking Of...'
This week's most delicious treat comes courtesy of Skoda, Fallon/London and maestro Chris Palmer, who hardly needs another accolade on his list after picking up a D&AD pencil last night for Sky One's live action Simpsons viral.

But, the lauding of Palmer will only continue after "The Baking Of..." in which he and a team of bakers brought a Skoda Fabia to life through candies and cakes and all sorts of morsels. Initial surveying of the ad-watching populous reveals the Willy Wonka-esque spot is winning back the hearts of Brit ad lovers for Palmer, whose "Old Lions" brought on a nostalgia trip across the UK last year. In fact, we'd wager that if you held a contest featuring British TVCs nationwide, for ordinary people in their homes, Palmer's offerings would rank highest among the ads recognized and, more importantly, loved. So much has Palmer established himself in our minds as a master of capturing the public's hearts, we couldn't imagine the "Baking Of..." shoot ending in any way other than a set of double doors bursting open and dozens of ragged orphans streaming in with wooden spoons at the ready, reducing the car to crumbs. While the documentary behind the spot (available here at bottom) includes insight as to the ingredients list and the eccentric bakers behind the crafting of the car, sadly, it leaves our Oliver fantasy disposal out—after a multi-day shoot under hot lights the yummy car had gone bad.
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