PICK OF THE WEEK: Sylvania - "Picnic"

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Among my favorite famous last words are Goethe's—he said something to the effect of "more light!" And until now, for my money, that seemed to be pretty much the last word in general on the subject of the relative excellence of light.

Appropriately, a Thai commercial for light bulbs has given the genius German some competition. Another gem from JEH, the spot is can't-look-away entertaining and, it would seem, quite effective (in that a spot for light bulbs is either entertaining or invisible). This is one of the rare spots so entertaining that it provokes discussion about what your favorite part is—is it the unsettling yet hilarious blue ghost, the hilarious yet unsettling giant ghost, or the fact that after Dad points out that the jackfruit ghost is actually a transvestite the curious son says "Ok. Got it" (and then that the Dad says "Good.")? Maybe it's none of those things—maybe it's simply that the spot is a memorable celebration of light brought to you by Sylvania, rather than a forgettable sales pitch involving kilowatts or softly lit rooms or something. Maybe, as the critics may note, it would never fly here. But surely somewhere in this spot there is a lesson for all—a lesson for advertising to be found in the brilliant execution and a lesson for life, to be found in the strap lines: "Under the light nothing seems to be scary—the light is your true friend."
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