PICK OF THE WEEK: Volkswagen - 'Night Driving'

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Volkswagen - 'Night Driving'
Volkswagen - 'Night Driving'
As ad moments go, there were some real high points this week—but it felt like a few spots just missed being inarguable triumphs as a whole. VW"s "Night Driving" gets the POW citation for sheer beauty and mood—but, not to be a hypocritical green meany, but is "go out and take a drive just for its own sake" a strange message for these times?

Likewise, it was hard to argue with the over the top Bruce Campbell-in-a-thigh sandwich shot in Old Spice's enjoyable louch-fest "Hungry" but the spot really waggled the bar set by the Old Spice launch work on its way over.

Finally, a special side nod goes to MTV Latin America for its moving portrayal of life in a retirement village in "False Teeth."
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