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Only the very good looking needed apply this week. The moody black and white, black versus white Guinness "Rugby" was gorgeous enough to get a respectful nod, but eye popping visuals plus mind expanding Flash wizardry earned Fallon's Tin Man: "Infinite Oz" site pick of the week honors.

The site, in support of a new mini series on the Sci Fi Channel, The Tin Man—a nerdified version of the Wizard of Oz—takes visitors on a trip through animated incarnations of the show's settings. The journey begins, of course, in verdant though eerily lit farmland and proceeds through a debris strewn vortex into another pastoral scene and then through a billboard portal into a rain soaked ghost town and then into the hinterland of a fantastical city in the hills, approached by a road made of bricks of various shades of the expected color and then onto a, well, infinite progression of landscapes, cityscapes and otherworldly scenes.

Each tableau is more intricately detailed and beautiful than the last but what makes each one even more compelling is the seamless transition between it and the next scene, lending the feeling of really floating through time and space without beginning or end. Fallon worked on the project with Sweden's B-Reel, the multi-talented interactive production shop behind the award winning IF "Bad Luck-o- Meter" (through Forsman & Bodenfors). Here, they've pushed the limits of flash animation while keeping the experience clean and simple. The means of travel is an unobtrusive wheel in the upper left corner, comprised of a series of blades the clicking of which allows users to share or pursue further information about the site's scenes and the show. A credits tab provides details on the range of accomplished CG artists responsible for the site's gee whiz visuals (the credits area also makes not of the site's inspiration—B-Reel art project Zoomquilt). Infinite Oz creates a whole complementary fantasy world around the TV show, and surely stokes interest among the channel's demographic. Read more about it here.
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