That Soft Skittles Touch

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There were many distractions for us all this week, not even counting renegade steam (and by the way, if you've seen video of the transformer incident in New York, there's a good chance it came from Creativity's very own Nick Parish—see his handiwork here). But from the din there still emerged the unmistakable sounds of laughter, coming from the most unsurprising of sources—a new Skittles spot.

In "Touch," we meet Tim, the ordinary video store worker with an extraordinary capacity—everything he touches turns to, yes, the colorful flattened orbs. Is it a gift or an affliction? In the answer lies the genius of the spot. With a mix of anger and fathomless sadness, a nicely cast Tim conveys some of the horrors of turning your world to Skittles but in the end still must admit it's "pretty awesome." Of course we feel for Tim's burden but it's not until the spot's clattering denouement that we realize how hilarious tragedy and rage can be. The Skittles oeuvre is to the point now as to be beyond a discussion of effectiveness or strategy. It's become its own form and this execution doesn't let anything slide. There's a straighter, bleaker strangeness here that's still as powerfully funny as the other installments in the campaign and still delivers a signature Skittles sensation.

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