Ad Lib Podcast: Pop-Up Magazine's Chas Edwards Takes the Written Word on The Road

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Chas Edwards
Chas Edwards Credit: Chas Edwards

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What if you took a magazine and put it on stage? What you would get, if the magazine were any good, is Pop-Up Magazine, an evening of true stories about the world around us, with photography, film, radio, and original music all mixed together and performed live on stage. Chas Edwards is a co-founder of Pop-Up Magazine and the physical print publication it spawned, California Sunday Magazine.

Edwards joins us as a guest of the Ad Lib podcast as Pop-Up Magazine is in the thick of its winter tour. If you missed them in California, New York or Austin, you can still catch them this week and weekend in New Orleans or Atlanta. Edwards gives us a breakdown of what it is, how it's evolved and how its unique business model has helped it thrive.

"The idea was, what would happen if you brought together radio people and magazine people and film people and photography people in one room? It was really an experiment in those early days," says Edwards of Pop-Up's launch in 2009. "But it was an experiment that became a phenomenon in San Francisco." So they took it on a road.

Listen to hear how they made it pay.

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