Ad Lib: Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan on the Disney-Fox Deal and the Future of Targeted TV Advertising

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Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan Credit: David Hall

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Dave Morgan is the founder and CEO of Simulmedia, a company with the stated mission of "bringing web-like advertising techniques to television." He's the go-to guy for reporters looking for context and sense in the TV and advertising spaces.

And there's plenty to talk about today. On the Ad Lib podcast, Morgan breaks down the Disney-Fox deal, the current (and future) state of addressable TV and Facebook's TV dreams.

"TV is a weird and interesting place," he says. "TV is the adult table. That's where the grownups hang out."

TV has extraordinary power, Morgan says. It reaches more people faster than any media and marketing channel ever. He trots out his favorite stat to illustrate: "Judge Judy" has more audience ad minutes — more people watching ads — in just 30 minutes than all of the people watching all of the videos on YouTube all day.

Plus, TV is cheap relative to digital. We get into why that's still true, and where the so-called over-the-top digital companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon fit into the ecosystem.

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