Ad Lib: RPA's Tim Leake talks about 'consumer' as a dirty word and why agencies can't sell themselves

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Tim Leake
Tim Leake Credit: David Hall

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With giant clients like Honda and Farmer's insurance, independent Los Angeles-based agency RPA punches above its weight.

Tim Leake's mandate, when he joined the shop in 2014, was to nurture a culture of growth and innovation within the agency. Having come most recently from Hyper Island, the Swedish school and consultancy, Leake brought with him a zest for business transformation that wasn't yet quite all the rage it is now with consultancies invading the agency space.

Now RPA's chief marketing officer, Leake joins us on the Ad Lib podcast to discuss a range of topics, including the industry talent crunch, creativity and data, indie shops versus the holding company behemoths in a post-Martin Sorrell world, and why ad agencies, despite being good at selling things, are so bad at selling themselves.

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