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BMW "Angels"

Finding Nemo and Ice Age character designer Peter de Seve and Hornet send whimsical wingmen from above to protect a BMW X5 as it takes on wet, muddy and icy obstacles. The artists at Guava were also on board to effect the various seasonal changes to the spot's thawing environment, "snowing up" mountains and roadsides in moving camera shots that at times reached 90 mph.

Editor: David Henegar/Uppercut Visual Effects [Guava]: VFX Supervisor: Alex Catchpoole VFX Producer: Mary-Joy Lu Animation/ Visual Effects [Hornet] CG Director: Steve Talkowski Producer: Michael Feder VFX Supervisor: Christopher Scollard Character Designer: Peter de Seve Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis CD: Bruce Bildsten AD: Bob Barrie CW: Bobby Pearce Agency Producers: Rob van de Weteringebuys, Tom Anderson Director: Nico Beyer/Neue Sentimental

AOL "Quotes"

The AOL Running Man takes some cues from his movie namesake in this high-octane trailer spoof for the client's broadband service, with effects by Charlex. Highlights include the entirely CG computer room featured in the opening sequence, and the complex moves to which the utterly lo-fi AOL guy is animated.

Editor: Tim Squyres, Cosmo Street Effects [Charlex] ECD: Alex Weil AD/CG Supervisor: Bryan Godwin Character Animation: Anthony Tabtong, Pat Porter Effects Editor: John Zawisha Graphic Design: Burtis Scott, John O'Callaghan Location FX Supervisor: David Drzewieci Senior Producer: Steve Chiarello Agency: BBDO/N.Y. CCO: Ted Sann. ECD: Jimmy Siegel CD/CW: Adam Goldstein CW: Lauren Cohen AD: Donna Hanna

Director: Klaus Obermeyer/Aero Films

Nintendo "Lunch Line"

If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em, goes the point of this Nintendo game spot, with effects by Rhythm + Hues, featuring the unstoppable animated rogue Kirby, who literally swallows more than a mouthful of formidable competitors - a motorcycle, a race car and a jet - in a desert drag race.

Editor: Jim Staskauskas/Co-Op Editorial Effects [Rhythm + Hues] CG Director: John-Mark Austin EP CG/Post: Amy Massingale Hassler Post Producer: Caroline Heyward CG Producer: Deborah Austin Agency: Leo Burnett/Chicago ECD: Jonathan Hoffman CDs: Bill Stone, Garry Valone, Robert Clifton Agency Producers: Ron Nelken, Sergio Lopez Director: Randy Roberts/Rhythm + Hues Music: Machine Head

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