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GMC "Who'd Have Thought"

Using what it refers to as "2.5-D," New York's Rhinofx recreated the Los Angeles metropolis for this spot, in which the camera dramatically swoops around the city, seamlessly hitting gorgeous architectural landmarks like the Griffith Observatory and the Disney Music Hall and capturing beauty shots of the Canyon truck-even down to its pistons. "We generated a 3-D environment in the computer first," explains Rhinofx EP Camille Geier. "Then we texture mapped on still images of the the Disney Hall and Observatory in that 3-D space. Since we are using still images and placing them onto 3-D geometry, this technique is usually referred to as 2.5-D. This enabled us to travel around the space with a 3-D camera."

Visual Effects: Rhinofx Lead Inferno Artist: Ronen Sharabani EP: Rick Wagonheim, Camille Geier Producer: Linda Gallagher Editor: Sara Iben/ Final Cut Agency: Lowe Worldwide/N.Y. AD: Carol Fiorino CW: Jeff Asch Agency Producer: Sara Eolin Director: Nico Beyer/Chased By Cowboys

Cadillac "Turbulence"

Four Cadillacs charge toward a crossroads in a parched Victorville desert, but A52's CGI makes each car appear to be cutting through water, leaving liquid streams and voluminous waves in their wake, like literal landsharks.

Visual Effects: A52 Effects Supervisors: Patrick Murphy, Simon Brewster, Westley Sarokin Inferno: Patrick Murphy, Simon Brewster 3-D Animators: Denis Gauthier, Westley Sarokin, Craig Halperin Managing Director: Rick Hassen EP: Darcy Leslie Parsons Producer: Scott Boyajan Editor: Ben Longland/Rock Paper Scissors Agency: Chemistri ECD: Gary Topolewski CD: Rob Palmer CW: Gary Topolewski Producer: Jack Nelson Director: Nic Mathieu/Anonymous Content Music: JunkieXL/Machine Head


In this spot, directed by Jeff Goodby himself, Ring of Fire's compositing makes a donkey's dreams of being a Clydesdale come true, and in the process, the treament of the animals during the effects shoot would have made even PETA proud. "There were concerns that if the little donkey fell in front of the Clysedales, she might get stepped on," explains Ring of Fire EP John Myers. "So they were shot separately in the same environment and then composited together. The layers were incorporated and the environment cleaned up to create the beautiful and idyllic look that Jeff Goodby wanted."

Visual Effects: Ring of Fire Inferno Artists: Todd Hemsley, Alicia Aguilera, Danny Yoon, John Ciampa, Clyde Beamer, Michelle Steinau Henry Artists: Brian Shneider, Paul Geiger Rotoscope: Gary Mortensen CD: Jerry Spivack EP: John Myers Producer: Zenta Kronitis Editor: Jim Hutchins/Nomad Post: Company 3 Colorist: Steve Rodriguez Producer: Shara Martin Online Editor: Todd Hemsley/Ring of Fire Music: Jimmy Haun/Elias Arts Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD: Jeff Goodby AD: Tyler Magnusson CD: Steve Dildarian Agency Producer: James Horner Director: Jeff Goodby/Biscuit Filmworks

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