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A global creative contingent weighs in on what will win (and what should win) at Cannes.

Nobby, ECD, Saatchi & Saatchi/Sydney On the TV side, there are no obvious frontrunners, which is unusual this time of year. I think this may be the year to give the nod to emerging powerhouses lndia and Thailand, who've created their own style, rather than ape the big-budget West. Obvious candidates: SmoothE from Jeh United, Bangkok, and Happy Dent "Palace" from McCann India. Lux's "Shine" from Santo, Buenos Aires, may score for the same reason. As for other categories, it's hard to say, because by the media's very nature, a lot of it is off the mainstream radar. That said, there are always bonus points for spots done for famously difficult clients, which would give Tide-to-Go's "Interview" from Saatchi/New York a chance. While I'm mentioning Tony G, I may as well put a plug in for ourselves and point out our own rather tasty "Kiss" spot for Sony Australia.

As for other categories, it's hard to say, because by the media's very nature, a lot of it is off the mainstream radar. That said, historically soft categories like DM, Promo and now the new Integrated are rightfully very hip, so GPY&R Melbourne's "Big Warnie" stunt for VB Beer will win Gold in Promo for sure (jinxed!);. Glue Society's "Iraq Chaser" billboard and Leo Burnett's McDonald's "Sundial" billboard will do the same in Outdoor because they both fuck with the oldest, flattest media in town. Saatchi New Zealand will wow everyone with the "Augmented Reality" print for Wellington Zoo, assuming everyone can get to play with it in person.

Andreas Combuechen, CEO/CCO, Atmosphere BBDO
What Will Win Nike "The Chain." It's the best "upload your video" theme I've seen yet. Nike+ "World Runs." A cool running tool offering community-based runs. Diesel "Heidies." A great use of the medium. It's not the best execution, but it's still impressive. What Should Win All of the above, plus: Dove "Evolution." A message that's timely and newsworthy. Stella Artois, "Le Défi—Une Affaire D'Honneur": It has very high production value and shows the importance of good sound and design. M&Ms "50 Dark Movies": It's pretty addictive with cool design—a good idea, though the movie choices are a bit lame.

P.J. Pereira, Executive Creative Director, AKQA
What Will Win Titanium: BK's Xbox videogames. Cyber: Nike+, Nike "Chain," BK "Whopperettes," Got Milk? "Get the Glass/Da Iry." What Should Win TV: Coca Cola's "Happiness Factory" and "Video Game." Interactive or Integrated: Nike iD Japan's "Akibaman" Cyber:Windows Live Messenger's "The Way News Spreads." Integrated or Cyber: Audi "Robots" from AlmapBBDO.

Thirasak Tinapatanakul, ECD, Creative Juice/G1 TBWA, Bangkok
What Will Win Print: Clima Bike Locks, Leo Burnett, Bangkok TV: Bangkok Life Assurance "Cockroach," Creative Juice/G1, Bangkok

Filip Nilsson, CCO,Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden
Nike will get a pride of Lions for its interactive work. Crispin still rules when it comes to integrated campaigns and they sure know how to present a story to the jury. That helps. Sony's exploding paint will of course win something too (but "Balls" last year was a stronger and more emotional spot). Another Cannes tradition is a strong Swedish presence in Cyber, and I'm quite convinced that will continue this year. Titanium: Back to good old integrated campaigns this year? I don't know. But I think it's time for the Festival to decide, finally, what the Titanium is all about. It's too expensive to enter something here just in case it happens to be relevant.

Yang Yeo, ECD, TBWA/China
What Will Win Dove "Evolution" does well simply by telling the truth so well. Jeh United managed the impossible by producing an even better season two TV campaign for SmoothE. Not only were they hilarious, they also ticked the boxes of the client's requirements of product demo, product application and product placement, with arrows and star bursts. "Oxyride Manned Airplane Project" by Hakuhodo Japan for Oxyride batteries demonstrates how big ideas can inspire the entire nation, no matter the budget.

Tony Granger, CCO, Saatchi & Saatchi/N.Y.
TV: I love the Vaseline spot from BBH/New York. The Dove "Evolution" viral film is Gold in my mind. Sony "Paint" (with the explosion soundtrack) stands a chance, although Sony "Balls" was such a high bar last year. Mothers' Boots "Christmas" spot is fun. Johnny Walker "Android" is wonderfully polished, and the BBC's "The Ultimate Band" is brilliantly done. There's a European Quiksilver viral film where surfers use hand grenades to create waves, which is fun. And lastly, a U.S. talking stain spot for Tide that I think will do well.

Integrated: This is the new frontier. Unfortunately, it seems to be developing its own sea of sameness. It goes like this: a cool and funky film (pumping music track is a must) and a voiceover telling you how many media streams were used for the idea. "We did TV, web games, webisodes, radio, cell phone content, bar coasters with barcodes, podcasting, bluecasting and multitasking IM chat bots," boasts the proud voice. Here's the problem: Simply checking the boxes across every possible new-media channel is no longer enough to stand out—it's the point of entry. Each piece of creative should stand on its own as a great expression of the big idea. Having said that, there is some very cool work: "Get the Glass/A California Milk Processors Board Game" combines online gaming with playful spots. And the BK videogames are fun, although the games themselves are a bit naf.
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