A Number of Fixes, Improvements for the Power 150

Bugs Squashed and More New Metrics Added to the Index

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A little under two weeks ago, we pushed through a major update that replaced PostRank and Collective Intellect with Twitter and Facebook metrics. Since then, we've gotten feedback from a lot of you and we've made a number of bug fixes and improvements to the list, including the addition of StumbleUpon and LinkedIn metrics.

Here's what we've been up to:

Two new metrics. As you'll be able to see, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn have both joined the list. We decided to take the 80 points we were giving exclusively to Facebook and Twitter previously and redistribute them to include these two new social metrics. Facebook and Twitter are still more prominent, with 25 points apiece, but StumbleUpon and LinkedIn have been given 15 points apiece. We think having these two new metrics should give a better picture of a blog's performance across different audiences and the ways they share content.

For LinkedIn, just like Facebook and Twitter, we're querying your most recent posts and getting scores for the number of times they've been shared. StumbleUpon's API is different, however, as it provides a wider-angle picture of your site as a whole, returning to us the number of views on the service for all of your content that it's indexed.

10 posts instead of 5. We are now looking at your 10 most recent posts instead of 5. We think this will give a fuller picture of your content and reduce the volatility of the list from day-to-day.

Fixed Feedburner. Our last update introduced a new system whereby we began grabbing your individual posts in order to collect numbers on them from Facebook and Twitter. This was replicating the behavior we lost from PostRank, and we had a kink or two left when we rolled it out, unfortunately. The most noticeable snag was for bloggers using Feedburner, and we've since rectified the situation. Blogs with Feedburner syndicating their RSS feeds should now be performing like the other blogs on the list.

Better working post previews. When you expand a blog listing, it should correctly pull up the five most recent posts and correctly link to them. This was a purely front-end issue and didn't affect the way we were grabbing your posts, and it should now be fixed.

We're making continual improvements and taking in feedback from users, so please let us know what you think of the changes.

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