Google PageRank, We Barely Knew Thee

10-Point Metric Leaves the Power 150; Collective Intellect Doubles in Weight

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As we mentioned in the last post, we've been having issues with Google PageRank, and some blogs have been unfairly receiving zeroes from it lately. Today we fixed the problem by removing PageRank altogether.

Unfortunately, the method we were using to derive these scores no longer works, and we don't have a solution to make the metric worth keeping in. It's a shame, since, up until now, it's been one of the most dependable of the metrics, but it's obviously not fair to continue as-is. So we doubled the number of points we give to Collective Intellect -- to 20 -- which allowed us to continue grading everyone on a 150-point scale.

We can't rule out a re-appearance in the future -- if there's still a demand for it and we can get it working again -- but, for now, it doesn't look likely. We've also removed it from our pre-evaluation calculations as well. If you've applied in the last two weeks and think you were rejected in error because of PageRank, please feel free to resubmit whenever you'd like.

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