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It Is Your Blog, After All

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The internet -- being the dynamic place that it is -- is wrought with frequent changes and updates. Websites often find a new home; technology for things like RSS feeds are often updated; names of products often evolve; and search engines are -- despite otherwise being the shining beacons of technology that they are -- often a few steps behind, or may be indexing things in a way you may not expect.

As such, the Power 150 has several places that are prone to miscalculation:
  • We may not have your latest URL.
  • We may be storing an old RSS feed of yours.
  • We may have your Atom 1.0 feed instead of your RSS 2.0 feed.
But wait -- there's more! (Tell 'em what they've won, Bob.)

If you've read our recent post on improving your Technorati ranking, then you're already aware that Technorati will rate your site differently based on how you've submitted your URL to us; ie:
These URL variations can -- and, more importantly, often do -- rank differently in Technorati. Even worse: Technorati is not alone -- the Yahoo! Inbound Links API will also give your blog a different score depending on how your URL is formatted.

Alexa and Google seem to be more understanding, but these differences in measurement can detract upwards of 20 points from your overall Power 150 rank. The good news is that -- with the right amount of care -- they can also add upwards of 20 points to your total score.

We do try our best to reflect how your blog "truly" ranks in comparison to everyone else, but these discrepancies can make it a wee bit tough to ascertain just who exactly is the fairest of them all; and by how much.

Here's where you come in. This is your blog, so we need you to keep track of your data for us. If you've upgraded your RSS feed, let us know. If you've changed the URL for your blog, holler at your boys. We are more than happy to check something out for you, but Technorati and Yahoo! web services are in fact publicly available, so you already have all the tools at your disposal to optimize your blog's rank.

Furthermore, this is really a decision you need to make. For example: what if the Yahoo! API increases your score by ten points when your blog contains the 'www', but Technorati detracts nine points? What's more important to you? Your overall total, or the reputation of the service by which you're judged? (This is just an example -- no seals have actually been clubbed during the making of this post.)

Feel free to let us know -- we'll be more than happy to help you, either way. We just need you to help us help you.
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