How to Make Friends With Technorati

A Few Tips on Making Sure You Have the Right Score

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With all the emails we've been getting about Technorati issues, we're starting to feel a bit like Santa, except, you know, the Santa that everyone hates, aka Don Imus. So we thought we'd save all of us some time and also shine some light on why some people's scores have been dropping mysteriously.

Indeed, there's blogs that Technorati seems to turn its back on from time to time, and in these cases, there's not a heck of a lot we can do except shout and glare at the screen. But lately we've been noticing that, for many blogs, Technorati isn't quite ignoring them outright, but merely being picky about how their URLs are listed. There's been blogs that were listed with "www" at the beginning and Technorati refused to return numbers until we removed it. And we've found examples of exactly the opposite.

Another problem is a trailing slash, which, in most cases, Technorati would prefer you leave out -- i.e. "" versus "", which is better).

Why would such a horrid thing happen to your otherwise exemplary blog? We suspect that Technorati is indexing the first version of your blog's URL that it sees, and treats any alternate versions like "new" blogs; thereby giving each URL a unique ranking.

To prevent these issues creeping up on your blogs, there's two things you can do:
  1. Check how Technorati lists your site's URL before you submit and give it to us the exact same way they have it listed. Just copy and paste.
  2. Check your listing here on the Power 150 from time-to-time; we're working on some sort of warning system for when blogs are having issues so this won't be necessary, but until then, be proactive and let us know if you've dropped by double digits.
Bonus Tip: If you haven't, make sure you claim your blog on Technorati too.
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