New Metric, FAQ and Submission Screen

How our Makeover Affects You

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After a long season wearing the same outfit, the Ad Age Power 150 puts on some new clothes.

In addition to a FAQ and a much needed submission page, we've added a new site-ranking metric by Collective Intellect, an analytics company specializing in social media. From the Collective Intellect website:
"CI's intellectual property utilizes contextual search to categorize conversations online and identify key influencers in real-time across all social media including blogs, social networks, forums and other digital media."
While the other metrics count how many sites link to your blog or how many subscribers you have, Collective Intellect ranks you based on how popular your topics are on a given day (amongst several other factors). This adds a brand new dimension to the Power 150: buzz.

How This Affects You

As a result, the Power 150 will become more lively and dynamic. The popularity of your topics are now a measurement of competition, so expect more movement up and down the list per day.

Additionally -- and partially as a result of our recent problems with their API--we've scaled the Technorati Rank back to a scale of 1-20 from 1-30; giving it less weight. This allowed us the breathing room to add the Collective Intellect Rank of 0-10 (while nerdily keeping 150 as the highest possible score), but it also elevates the remaining ranks that much more.

We're still playing around with the bubble wrap (hi, FeedBurner), but we expect the list to have more electricity from here on out.

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Rahmin Pavlovic is Ad Age's Web Products Manager, and -- among many other things -- he handles all the technical details for the Power 150.
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