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... Now Get Out

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Since we started the Power 150 less than a year ago, we've made subtle and not-so-subtle changes along the way, and we've done our best to let our bloggers know about what's been going on. However, sometimes there's smaller tweaks or other service updates that we'd like to keep everyone -- both bloggers and readers -- abreast of, so we're starting this blog.

In case you couldn't tell by the name, you won't be finding gems of wisdom here, and we're not competing with any of the indexed blogs. Instead, you'll find updates on system changes, updates on temporary technical glitches and maybe even news of future changes. Beyond 411, we're hoping that we can use it to occasionally poll our audience and get feedback about how the Power 150 works and even what it means for all of you.

So add us to your reader, regret you read this or just keep an eye peeled for updates if things are ever looking funky.
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