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Power 150 Creates New Entry Requirements, Stiffens Others

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Ever since we introduced the easy-to-use submission form on the Power 150, the amount of daily submissions we've been receiving has exploded. On the one hand, this is great. The submission process is now streamlined and there's less pretension of political jockeying or other nefariousness for people to get themselves in. With more and more blogs now -- we've just about doubled since Ad Age took it over from Todd -- our little list is getting more attention than ever.

However, with all this growth comes some pains. We've also gotten more bogus submissions than ever -- thank you, we're full up on porn and cell phones already! -- and far more genuine submissions than we can get around to adding in a timely manner. So, in the interests of all involved -- including ourselves, of course -- we're putting up a small barrier to entry for new blogs. Why? We'd like to speed up our process of blog additions. By imposing this new limit, blogs that are sufficiently established -- at this point, a new blog that makes it past our barriers will land around the 600 rank, so we don't think we're setting the bar unnecessarily high -- can get listed quicker and we can spend more time improving the service than performing lots of time-intensive vetting.

So, from this point forward, new blogs must score at least 20 objective points before they will receive a Todd Score and then entry to the index. Just as we currently ask that you have been blogging for a certain amount of time and have created enough content, we're now setting another objective baseline for getting in.

"But how do I know how many points I've got before I submit?" you ask. The answer is fairly simple: you don't have to. We'll tell you after you submit, so if you meet the other requirements, submit away. Within 24 hours, our system will let you know if you've got a high enough score, and we'll ask you to resubmit later. If you don't hear anything within a day, we're getting you a Todd Score, and we'll let you know when your blog gets posted. So either way, we won't keep you in the lurch.

If you're already on the list, don't worry about any of this. You are considered "grandfathered" into our point minimums.

One last thing: we're also asking that new blogs have been extant for 6 months, and, as before, have 50 posts in the bank. As with our other requirements, this will also ensure that we focus on sufficiently established blogs without setting the bar too high.

We know there will be some detractors out there, but we feel confident that this was the right decision for the Power 150. If you have any questions, comments, rants, etc. please email me and let me know.
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