Technorati API Problems

Or, Why I Dropped 100 Points in a Day

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Every morning (at about 4am EDT) our spider crawls the list of Power 150 blogs, fetches a variety of rankings for each, totals them all and then scrunches them down into a nice, friendly score. (Hooray, score.)

The last couple of days, however, Technorati's Bloginfo API has been choking during the update. On Tuesday, June 3, we received nothing for Technorati Rank, Authority or inbound links. However, on Wednesday, June 4, Rank was the only metric to barf.

The result? Either very little (in terms of comparable change) or, your blog may have plummeted so fast, its ears popped.

The solution? We reverted Technorati to the last batch of scores to successfully save. This kept your scores in the altitude they belong in.

Why do failures occur? Well, it sounds like something on Technorati's end, but -- this is the internet, people -- things don't always download. (Shocking, I know.)

That said, today's update seems to have run without a hitch.

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Rahmin Pavlovic is Ad Age's Web Products Manager, and -- among many other things -- he handles all the technical details for the Power 150.
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