Technorati Taking a Leave of Absence From Power 150

One of Our Original Metrics Disappears; Bloglines Bites Bullet as Well

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Some of you may have noticed lately that Technorati has undergone a redesign, and they've changed the way they calculate Authority. Like we do with PostRank -- ahem -- they now focus on the past 30 days' worth of activity when counting links. It's a good move, and we like their idea for a new Topical Authority measure. The bad news is that they're cutting off their existing API this weekend.

So, as of today, Technorati will be lifted from the Power 150. We're entirely open to bringing it back if and when they put their new API online, but, for now, that's the breaks, unfortunately.

While we're at it, we're deleting Bloglines, a move that's been a long time coming. With the advent of Google Reader, the service's popularity and relevance has plummeted, so now seems like a good time to say goodbye to it as well. PostRank takes RSS activity into account, but removing Bloglines means that we no longer have a metric dedicated to feed readership, which is unfortunate. But we're not aware of any available, credible options to replace it. (We're looking at you, Google Reader. Where's the API?)

This change means that we need to adjust the mix of metrics to keep everything out of 150 points. As of today, Yahoo In-Links will jump from 20 to 30 points, Alexa will jump from 15 to 25, and Collective Intellect will jump from 20 to 30 points. Because of a technical issue with the way we grab Collective Intellect scores, that metric will no longer be included in our pre-evaluations when you submit a new blog. To make up for that, the pre-evaluation will now require just 40 points, and it will be computed from from PostRank, Yahoo and Alexa scores.

For those who've been around since the beginning, this is something of a watershed, as Todd Scores will now be the only metric we have that has been around since the beginning. A lot can happen in a couple years. However, we're still keeping our eyes open for new ways to chart the blogosphere, and please email me if you know of something we've overlooked or you have any questions about the changes we're putting in today.

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