10 agency names we love

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1 Wexley School for Girls

Seattle: Sure, they look like the Monty Python version of an advertising agency-they'll act like it too, if you want. They even offer "362-degree introverted bipolar branding" for their clients. Please be aware, however, that they have a strict interoffice-dating policy that will result in expulsion if violated. Yes, sir, Mr. Headmaster, sir.

2 86 the Onions

Venice, Calif.: It's a universal truth, isn't it? Onions and garlic are a bad idea when you're trying to make an impression. Rest assured, then, there will be no nasty niffs wafting up your nose when they deliver the latest course in their virtual pu-pu platter of yuk yuks.

3 Lemon Scented Tea

Amsterdam, netherlands: You should remember that the Dutch are much more than their famous red-light district and lax policies on marijuana. They have tulips, too-and bicycles and canals and modernism. Who doesn't think of fresh, clean work when thinking about "lemon-scented tea"?

4 72 & Sunny

El Segundo, Calif.: As if being a hotshop in California and having