10 new celebrity fragrances

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1 Gwen Stefani

Little Miss Leopard Print is taking her high style to new heights, developing a fragrance with Coty that will support her L.A.M.B. fashion and accessories line. Announced in early December, the yet-to-be-named fragrance will launch in fall 2007. Hard to imagine the scent. Seeing as she's a fighter and not a Hollaback Girl, all bets are off. Ms. Stefani promises she'll tweak and perfect the scent, as she does her songs.

2 Mariah Carey

Spring of 2007 will bring the comeback crooner into the fragrance fold, where she follows fellow pop stars Britney and Hilary Duff (also scents brought to you by Elizabeth Arden). Her inspiration, apparently, will be white flowers-representing her purity and innocence, no doubt. The name is still TBD, but bloggers suggest "Butterfly" or the ever-original "Mariah." Anything but "Glitter."

3 Danielle Steel

Since romance is her middle name, it seems baffling that Ms. Steel hasn't had a fragrance before now. But she has been a bit busy, withher 67 romance novels having sold more than 560 million copies. Ostensibly the bulk of those book buyers want to live and breathe the world Ms. Steel has created. Now, thanks to Elizabeth Arden's October launch of Danielle by Danielle Steel, they can.

4 Elton John

Even for a good cause, we're not so sure Sir Elton odor-masking plug-ins are a good move. The Elton John Fireside Home Fragrance Collection at Bath & Body Works, inspired by scents from the piano-playing diva's English countryside estate, includes candles, oils and the plug-ins, among other things, and proceeds benefit his AIDS Foundation.

5 Kiss

The rock 'n' roll band has always been into cosmetics, so why not fragrance? Despite a number of suggestions that the aged hard rockers might evoke more must than musk, "Kiss, the Fragrance" (for him and her) from upstart Gemini Cosmetics has caught the attention of the many diehard fans of tongue-wagging Gene Simmons and his crew (present at department-store launches countrywide).

6 Hilary Swank

She's come a long way, baby, from "Boys Don't Cry" to boxing to backing Guerlain's new floral, flowing-hair Insolence fragrance ad. Said to be not just the spokesceleb but the "inspiration" for the new scent, the once-boyish babe is certainly finding her feminine side.

7 David and Victoria Beckham

The famous footballer and his former-pop-star wife are photographed often by the paparazzi on their way to or from one gala event or another, a lifestyle that Coty hopes might help sell a bottle or two of Intimately Beckham for Him and for Her. Launched in the U.S. this past summer, the line follows the 2005 debut of David Beckham Instinct.

8 Hilary Duff

Please, no more. Ms. Duff's pronouncement that her floral notes of choice for With Love Hilary Duff are all "in a warm oriental" (whatever that means) is a sure sign the world is coming to an end. Acting, singing and tabloid appearances are all relatively safe territory, but turning the 20-something into a scientist is taking it too far, even for pop-star-perfume-plugging Elizabeth Arden.

9 The O.C.

It's a county, it's a TV show, it's a ... fragrance? The teen favorite on Fox this past summer sparked his and her fragrances based on the seductive lifestyle of the show's characters. What happens when the show gets canceled? Maybe Warner Bros. and AMC Beauty hope it will serve as a keepsake for diehard fans.

10 Desperate Housewives

Where will it end? Exclusively at Macy's, followers of the antics on Wisteria Lane can pick up a bottle of Desperate Housewives' Forbidden Fruit. Coty, collaborating with Touchstone Entertainment, is clearly trying to capitalize on the 23 million viewers who watch the vixens weekly on ABC. As if the T-shirts and "bling" travel mugs sold on behalf of the show weren't enough.
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