The 10 Best-Dressed People in Media Marketing

The List Created in Honor of the Always Dapper Joe Abruzzese

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1 Louis Carr

There are those people you just want to look at, and those you have to touch. And, HR be damned, BET's Louis Carr makes us want to do a bit of both. Louis drapes himself in fabulous fabrics-clothes so soft and richly textured you can't help but think of an excuse to pat him on the back. At the ANA this year he sported buffalo-leather mandals and a pedicure so perfect that even Joe Abruzzese-the inspiration for this list-looked impressed.

2 Deborah Needleman

While the editor of Domino is better known for her taste in design, she is also something of a master of office couture. Ms. Needleman is all about fluid and unfussy elegance. For this Ad Age photo she was sporting an Etro top and Philip Lim jeans, but we could just as easily have gone for the shot of her at a fashion shindig sporting a Prada dress, Isabel Toledo jacket, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and Barney's private-label clutch.

3 Alex Bogusky

Forget the fact that the Crispin creative chief does good work. He's also attracted a clutch of swooning admirers thanks to his Eastern-European-cheekbones-meet-West-Coast-surfer good looks and his style. He'd argue his look is all accidental-"I cut my hair with a Flo-Bee," he claims-but he walks such a perfect line between sexy nerd and vintage creative guy that it's hard to imagine he isn't trying just a little.

4 herve brossard

As a collector who owns 95 watches, Herve Brossard starts his day in Paris at 6 a.m. standing naked in front of a huge safe full of ticking timepieces and selects one on which he will base his look for the day. The chief client officer and vice chairman of DDB Worldwide says his favorite brand is Breguet. He also likes Patek Philippe, IWC and, of course, Rolex. For clothes, he wears Dior, Prada and Kenzo.

5 Manny Machado

As CEO of the Hispanic agency Machado Garcia-Serra, Miami, Manny Machado's signature is the silk Hermes or Etro pocket square, worn with an Italian-tailored Canali suit and matching metals (belt, cufflinks, watch, tassels). His favorite color is purple. He went to a recent awards show in a white Gaultier jacket, Seven jeans and 3-inch YSL Johnny boots. New to his wardrobe: mandarin-collared shirts from an Asia trip.

6 Stephanie Rosenhaus

"Who is the rent-a-celeb?" asked the editor, looking at a proof of the Ad Age photo page. "Er ... says here she works at MediaCom, boss," came the answer. Rosenhaus, VP-group director at the agency, mixes mom's 1980s vintage boots and grandma's 1940's vintage jackets with Theory basics and the occasional Betsy Johnson or Stella McCartney. "I try to keep it professional with just a little bit of flair or fun," she said.

7 Eric Hadley

In an industry plagued by double-breasted jackets and Dockers, it's good to see someone create a style that lies between fully suited and jeans and T-shirts. That someone is MSN's director of advertising and marketing, Eric Hadley. His trademark is the "H" for Hadley belt buckle bought for him by his wife. He pairs jackets and jeans without looking too preppy, perhaps because he shops Bluefly and he swears by Nike, Tod's and Blunstone.

8 Anne-Marie Marcus

If you're not into touching Louis Carr at the ANA, a next best option is stalking Anne-Marie Marcus, the headhunter from Marcus St. Jean, at the Carlton Beach in Cannes. Start by watching her swan around at lunch in her insanely expensive yet effortless sundress. Follow that by observing (from a polite distance, of course) while she does laps in the Cote d'Azur clad in her Eres swimsuit, then enjoy her timelessly classic evening attire.

9 Stephanie George

If you run a magazine called In Style (among others), you'd better have a strong sense of it. And Time Inc. publishing executive Stephanie George has it in spades. With her perfectly coordinated suits and standout accessories, she's known to admirers as a bit of a fashion maven (as well as a hell of a talent). There's a reason A-lister Jamie Foxx sidled up and put his arm around her for a photo at the Golden Globes this year.

10 Tim Armstrong

Google wasn't giving away too much about its VP-advertising's wardrobe, although there are some nice shots of him if you search Images. As one jealous rival put it: "Tim's a millionaire who dresses like a billionaire ... or maybe it's the other way 'round, but he still looks fine." Armstrong sports a lot of Thomas Pink, as well as casual clobber from Vineyard Vines, "because I believe in their philosophy that the American Dream is alive and well."
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