10 Principles of the Attraction Economy

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1. Emotion attracts action. Emotional choices are the ones that matter most because they make change happen. Neurologist Donald Calne tells us reason leads to conclusions and emotion leads to action.

2. The senses attract the emotions. Rich fragrances, satisfying tastes and tactile environments surprise and delight us. Pheromones are irresistible messengers of attraction.

3. Like attracts like. Empathy is the energy of the Attraction Economy. Nothing attracts more than an intimate understanding of what matters to us.

4. Surprise attracts delight. People love what's new and different, exciting and stimulating. Mystery keeps attraction alive.

5. Interactivity attracts commitment. Whether we click, dial or press, once we commit ourselves we are more likely to do it again, and again.

6. Stories attract memories. Seventy-seven percent of Americans can name at least two of Snow White's dwarves. Only 24% of them can name two Supreme Court Justices. The difference? The dwarves have better stories than the Justices.

7. Entertainment attracts connection. The skills of the entertainer animate the Attraction Economy.

8. Music attracts meaning. People have been finding themselves in music for 30,000 years and today it is music my way.

9. Communities attract loyalty. Together they stand. Divided they call each other on their cellphones.

10. Lovemarks attract inspirational consumers. They are the people who love to get involved. They are passionate about their Lovemarks, spread their story and innovate for free.

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Adapted from "The Lovemarks Effect: Winning in the Consumer Economy," by Kevin Roberts

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