10 tunes in TV spots

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1 ipod shuffle

"Who's Gonna Sing?"

by the Prototypes

For an ad that merged Gap-like fashion sense with nifty morphing technology, this multilingual electro track was a fitting soundtrack to iPod's newest creative step.

2 Verizon LG Chocolate


by Christina Aguilera

Only in the context of a candy-coated cellphone commercial could Xtina's raunchy "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" rewrite actually be confused with being about food.

3 LG Chocolate

"You're Beautiful"

by James Blunt

Similarly, only in a 30-second ad could James Blunt's voice and insipid songwriting be confused with tolerable, quality music.

4 Target

"Fly Me Away"

by Goldfrapp

In a year that saw Goldfrapp shilling for everything from cellphones to Diet Coke, Target put the British group's dreamy brand of glam to the most effective use with its colorful holiday spots.

5 Geico

"Remind Me"

by Royksopp

The quirky Norwegian duo's cuddly take on elevator music was a perfect fit for Geico's airport-bound caveman in a scene straight out of a stone-age version of "Garden State."

6 Zune

"Music Is My Hot Hot Sex"

by CSS

This anthemic, Joan Jett-meets-Bjork call to arms is a perfect fit for any MP3-player ad, regardless of Zune's fizzled non-event launch in late fall.

7 Ford


by Kelly Clarkson

Since it may be another year till we get a proper follow-up to "Since You Been Gone," Kelly decided the best way to pacify fans was to launch a track in a car commercial. Surprisingly, it worked.

8 Mercury Milan

"Nth Degree"

by Morningwood

Morningwood's ultra-catchy would-be megahit found more life in ads than it ever did on the pop charts, and this Mercury ad used the song's revved-up lyrics and guitar hooks to perfection.

9 Amp'd Mobile

"U and Dat"

by E-40

That poor guy could've been caught busting out any rap track in the bathroom, but there's something about the lyrics "pull up on that ass in a brand new drop" that made this ad particularly hilarious.

10 Bud Select


by Chemical Brothers

Someone had to use that killer, rubbery beat to sell something. This one had a sweet crown logo to play with too.
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