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Not since the filming of "The Wizard of Oz" have so many camera operators towered over their subjects. When Adages popped in to the first-anniversary celebration for Every Day With Rachael Ray last week, we were confronted with a horde of really tall, really slender women snapping Polaroids. No, it wasn't some sort of revenge by a petite Rachael Ray gone mad with power. The six models were sporting duds from the Ann Taylor Loft 2006 holiday collection. And the Polaroid shots of the partygoers also just happened to fit in with one of Ray's comments during her speech: "People can picture themselves on every page of the magazine," she told the crowd, before descending among the people and talking to what seemed like every single one of them for a few seconds.

But the booze was flowing, and Adages managed to snag a spot near the kitchen-partly to chat with Reader's Digest Chief Tom Ryder, but mostly to empty the appetizer trays before anyone else got a chance.

Speaking of Ryder, our favorite moment of the night was when Ray pronounced him "the yummiest." We're going to try that one on our boss.

We can at least get an honorary doctorate out of this

Advertising Age has been keeping the faculty of City Tech's Advertising Design & Graphic Arts department pretty busy lately. Since the Brooklyn-based students adorned our cover last month under the headline "The Best Hires You Never Discovered," (AA, Oct. 9), the school has been flooded with calls from recruiters and agencies.

The story even caught the attention of none of other than Spike Lee, who felt compelled to-wait for it-do the right thing by calling up Lloyd Carr, the school's director of graphic arts, to see if he could meet with some students about getting work at his Spike DDB in Manhattan. Mr. Carr, meanwhile, was so surprised by his phone message it took a second call from the "Inside Man" director for him to believe it was the real Spike Lee.

Department Chair Joel Mason added the story also generated interest from the likes of Leo Burnett in Chicago, Crispin Porter & Bogusky and The New York Times, among others. He was still returning calls and requests when we talked to him last week. All this news makes us feel very proud, if not a little undesirable by comparison.

Giant brought to his knees by Microsoft's dance moves?

New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer, during a Nov. 9 conference call, said he was shocked to find out he had a season-ending knee injury. "I never thought that after the game ... it would amount to a season-ending injury," he said. Adages was shocked as well, because Monday night, before Toomer's announcement, we spotted him at Microsoft's Xbox party at downtown Manhattan nightclub Blvd, where he accepted XBox chief Peter Moore's challenge to a game of Dance Dance Revolution. To be fair, we didn't see whether or not Toomer actually danced. And when he left the party around 10:15 , we certainly didn't see a limp. Oh, and we'd totally school both Moore and Toomer in Dance Dance.

Elton John shows off questionable taste in music

Let it be known that not just anyone can drag Whoopi Goldberg out in public now that she's settled into her cozy new gig as radio talk-show host. The "Wake Up With Whoopi" star managed to polish herself up enough to present her friend Elton John with the Legend of Live Award at Billboard's third-annual Touring Awards on Nov. 9.

Sir Elton was recognized for more than 30 years of live entertainment. (Adages has family members who saw him in '71 when he could still play college campuses in Ohio and not even sell out the place.)

"Of all the things I do musically, playing live is the most rewarding," Elton said in his brief, straightforward speech. He then encouraged the crowd to continue to support the next generation of live artists but curiously cited the Killers as an example. We've been known to get down to "Mr. Brightside" on occasion, but come on, Elton. We know you have better taste than that.

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