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The search term "Dove" got a 29% lift in the Yahoo Buzz Index on Oct. 12, the day the PR campaign behind "Evolution" began and the video was first posted on YouTube. The effort appears to have hit its mother-daughter target, as females 35-44 and under 13 were substantially overrepresented among Yahoo searchers using that term Oct. 12-25.

But at least in Yahoo search, Dove got bigger buzz bumps around coverage of its Super Bowl ad in January and after the ad aired in February. And the term has averaged consistently higher in Yahoo search since then.

By far the biggest spike for the brand on the Yahoo Buzz Index, however, came in February 2005: a more-than-tenfold spike related to the brand's product integration on NBC's "Apprentice," which had a website on Yahoo.

"Evolution" appears to have helped bump CampaignForRealBeauty.com into the top 10 (No. 9) in unpaid listings for the search term "beauty" on the Google and MSN search engines, which represent a combined 57% of U.S. searches, according to ComScore Networks, but not on Yahoo or Ask.com.
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