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1 More

Parent: Meredith Corp.

VP-publisher: Brenda Saget Darling

Editor in chief: Peggy Northrop

Ad pages: 750.9 12.9%

Total circulation: 1,155,627 9.9%

Subscriptions: 1,006,027 8%

Single-copy sales: 149,600 25.1%

More is breaking through advertisers' irrational obsession with 20-somethings by reaching out not just to women living happily after their 30s, but also to marketers that ought to want to reach them. Then again, smart marketers don't have much choice: As its subscriptions rise, More is also defying newsstand trends.

2 Dwell

Owner and founder: Lara Hedberg Deam

President-publisher: Michela O'Connor Abrams

Executive editors: Andrew Wagner, Sam Grawe

Ad pages: 831.8 29.3%

Total circulation: 272,043 12.1%

Subscriptions: 192,241 13.4%

Single-copy sales: 79,802 9%

Dwell lost Editor in Chief Allison Arieff in August, when she exited over a perceived "fundamental change in the magazine's mission." But Ms. Arieff and her team's masterful work until then still shines-and we hope the magazine will keep on outperforming without her. A shelter book that has aimed to bring modern design to everyone, Dwell always looks great inside and out as it keeps finding new readers and advertisers.

3 Elle

Parent: Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S.

Senior VP-publishing director: Carol A. Smith

VP-editor in chief: Roberta Myers

Ad pages: 1,576.5 15%

Total circulation: 1,054,854 2.3%

Subscriptions: 730,004 (3.3%)

Single-copy sales: 324,850 17.6%

The rumor in 1988 was that Conde Nast Publications had just installed Anna Wintour at Vogue precisely to thwart a very heady challenge from the upstart U.S. version of Elle. As this year has proved, Elle can always represent a very real threat. Its ad pages to date grew more than any other title in the competitive set, and its newsstand jumped by a huge margin.

4 New York

Parent: New York Magazine Holdings

Publisher: Lawrence C. Burstein

Editor in chief: Adam Moss

Ad pages: 2,261.9 11.8%

Total circulation: 435,113 1.7%

Subscriptions: 412,752 1.6%

Single-copy sales: 22,361 3.6%

With a 2006 National Magazine Award for general excellence among magazines its size and another for design, New York officially reclaimed its deserved standing as a title that should be read across the country. The only reason no one calls Adam Moss "wunderkind" anymore is that he's not a kid any longer. The new web site, including its Daily Intelligencer blog, is a winner.

5 Vogue

Parent: Conde Nast Publications

VP-publishing director: Thomas A. Florio

Editor in chief: Anna Wintour

Ad pages: 2,137.9 0.8%

Total circulation: 1,293,185 6.1%

Subscriptions: 861,022 7.4%

Single-copy sales: 432,163 3.5%

Vogue was "only" a finalist for general excellence at the National Magazine Awards this year, but there isn't much question that the title kept up its relentless quest for quality. It improved newsstand sales even with sometimes unorthodox covers, brought advertisers the "Fashion on Demand" video podcasts and continued using its editorial to influence fashion tastes-and sales.

6 People

Parent: Time Inc.

Publisher, People Group: Paul Caine

Managing editor: Larry Hackett

Ad pages: 2,700.3 (0.7%)

Total circulation: 3,823,604 1.2%

Subscriptions:2,300,496 0.3%

Single-copy sales: 1,523,108 2.6%

Last year's Magazine of the Year returns to the A-List. People continues to dominate celeb weeklies with its highest average single-copy sales in 10 years. One coup: The June 19 issue featuring little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt sold nearly 2.2 million newsstand copies, according to People. Despite the shutdown of Teen People's print edition, the title's wings are still spreading. August was's biggest month ever.

7 National Geographic Adventure

Parent: National Geographic Society

Publisher: Francis X. Farrell

Editor in chief: John Rasmus

Ad pages: 402.3 18.6%

Total circulation: 542,170 7%

Subscriptions: 498,314 6.6%

Single-copy sales: 43,856 11.6%

Increasing rate base for the seventh straight year isn't necessarily enough to enter the A-List; neither is double-digit newsstand growth even after hiking the cover price to $4.95. But add to that 35 new advertisers, ad pages up almost 20% and maintaining strikingly beautiful content-then yes, you deserve a slot.

8 Gourmet

Parent: Conde Nast Publications

VP-publisher: Giulio Capua

Editor in chief: Ruth Reichl

Ad pages: 874.1 11.5%

Total circulation: 994,951 1.8%

Subscriptions: 909,673 1.1%

Single-copy sales: 85,278 9.1%

While Gourmet continued recruiting readers and advertisers, it pushed ahead in other important directions as well, creating a 20-week PBS show (and web site and podcast) sponsored by TIAA-CREF called "Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie," taking a finalist slot in the National Magazine Awards' photography category and publishing a fiction supplement, of all things for an epicurean book, in which Philips bought every ad page.

9 Real Simple

Parent: Time Inc.

Publisher: Steve Sachs

Managing editor: Kristin van Ogtrop

Ad pages: 1,204.4 8.1%

Total circulation: 1,937,598 (0.5%)

Subscriptions: 1,543,737 1.4%

Single-copy sales: 393,861 7.2%

Don't call it an empire yet, but Real Simple is undeniably a brand with a plan for expansion. Target now sells licensed Real Simple brooms, mops, notepads and organizers . Consumers can use them while watching the "Real Simple Television" series on PBS or listening to XM radio segments called "Real Simple Solutions." Please remember, however, that it all started with the magazine itself.

10 In Touch Weekly

Parent: Bauer Publishing

Publisher: Bob Davidowitz

Editor in chief: Richard Spencer

Ad pages: 646.9 38.6%

Total circulation: 1,189,936 5.9%

Subscriptions: 42,546 27.5%

Single-copy sales: 1,147,390 5.3%

It didn't seem like much remained to be said about celebrity weeklies or the stars who live under their surveillance these days. But In Touch Weekly proved doubters wrong this year by finding more than ever to blab about and selling still more copies. Parent company Bauer, which traditionally relies on newsstands for nearly all its revenue, also made the smart move of starting a big push to sell more ads.

Notes: Year-to-date ad page numbers are for January-September 2006, from Publishers Information Bureau; during this period, overall ad pages for magazines tracked by PIB rose 0.7%.. Circulation numbers are averages for the six-month period ended June 30, 2006, from Audit Bureau of Circulations. Subscriptions are total of paid and verified figures. All percentage changes are vs. year-earlier period.
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