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Jon Mandel is a master of the colorful-and provocative-quote, and is not above bashing the media industry and its primary measurement provider, Nielsen. Here's a sample:

On talks between NBC and Turner Broadcasting to form their own pro football league in 1998: "I've seen a lot of bad ideas over the last quarter century. This one goes into the top-10 list." -The Wall Street Journal, May 29, 1998

"There's always a difference between what Jeff Zucker thinks the shows will deliver and what the sales department thinks. Thank God the sales department doesn't have to say, 'My baby isn't ugly.' They'll be in a make-good situation, but they know that and they planned for that." -Advertising Age, Oct. 17, 2005

Just-in-time decisions are "why the print business is dying, especially the monthlies," because of their early ad-closing dates. -Ad Age, March 5, 2003

"You have to be big enough to get attention but small enough to walk. Your ability to make a deal is commensurate with your ability to walk away from it." -Ad Age, June 24, 2002

"I have no problem with CBS going to a client. But the client is going to then ask us, and we're still going to impact the buy. The problem with CBS is their programming. Get their programming fixed, and they will get bought." -Ad Age, April 8, 1996

"Don't overreact to this iPod thing. It doesn't affect advertising yet." -Adweek, Oct. 17, 2005

On shortcomings of Nielsen's data: "It's a societal problem," he said. "We all don't have the time to be measured." Still, the lack of good data is frustrating, and the reason for it is that the media sales side pays for most of it. ... He attributed Nielsen's recent decision to delay measurements of the DVR audience to pressure from broadcast networks. "They don't want us to know what is really happening." -Adweek, March 7, 2005
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