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U.S. AdMarket1 employment neared 1.6 million in November, its best since August 2002. Market-research firms employed 109,400 in November; employment passed 100,000 in June '96, peaked at 119,400 in December '00, then averaged about 108,000 each year from '03 to '06.

U.S. Admarket employment

AdMarket 50

Focus on: AdMARKET 50 market caps

The AdMarket 50 is near a five-year high, so just how do its members stack up? GE is the most valuable player, with a market cap of $378 billion; 13 companies have market caps above $100 billion. Google, with a market cap of $147 billion, sells for 14 times revenue, more than double the ratio of any other member. AdMarket 50's average market cap-to-revenue ratio is 2.5; AdMarket's overall price/earnings ratio is 24. AdMarket stocks ranked by market cap:

Last Week's Score

Wilshire 5000 Friday came within 100 points of its all-time high. Publicis completed its purchase of Digitas, which exited the AdMarket 50.
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