Is America 'brandwashed'?

Advertising Age put the question to consumers and ad professionals:

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" I don't think [consumers] are completely up to date as to marketer's fine print [about their rights]. The people who know how to delete cookies are a small subset of the online audience, but that number will grow as blogs continue to disseminate information about marketing practices."

- Donnovan Andrews, president, interactive shop Performance Bridge

"I don't really care.... On the internet, I ignore advertisements."

- Laura Pugliese, actress

"I don't see it as a big conspiracy on the part of the marketing world to invade the privacy of people. I think it's more about a permission-based relationship and not taking advantage of it."

- Joe Celia, vice chairman, Grey Global Group

"I definitely agree. All the major brands are online now. Even casually searching you're geared toward ads that pertain to the search you just put in."

- Ed Chan, IT executive for an entertainment company
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