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Ikea hacking: A do-it-yourselfer trend where users take Ikea products and re-mix them into something else. See examples at

Branded widget: A stylized RSS feed that resides on a desktop or blog with brand wraps and signage.

Godcasts: Religious podcasts the younger demographic uses to get religion or spiritual guidance on their own time.

Anche Chung: First real-life millionaire from the virtual-reality game Second Life.

Tuanguo: An Asian phenomenon where groups collectively pick a store and demand preferred pricing. Mobs of 500 or so are not uncommon; neither is the store closing its doors and offering 30% discounts to the group.

website descriptions: Actor Kevin Bacon founded this charitable initiative to connect causes and drum up donations both big and small. Spend $10 to buy a share of an up-and-coming band (or if you're a band, cash in with backers of your own). New Nike site where you can make your own commercial using stock visuals, graphics and sound. Aggregating website that tracks songs, plus music news and blog discussions to show the most popular music topics in real time.

text slang interpretations:

Book: Cool (perceptive text correctors read mistype of cool as "book").

404: "I have no clue." Can also refer to a person who is clueless (comes from the web error message 404 Not Found).

IG2G: I've got to go.

[email protected]: Talk at you later.
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