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10 people ...

1 Howard Draft

Howard was on top of the world ... until a stall in a fast car changed it all. P. 4 & P. 6

2 Lonelygirl15

The first YouTube star, Bree won the heart of a nation ... by lying to it! P. 34

3 Kim Kadlec

She's got a sweet smile, but she's spent the year bullying the media world. P. 4 & P. 6

4 Chad Hurley

He turned a walk-on role in the web world into a $1.65 billion performance. P. 4 & P. 6

5 rupert murdoch

Hats off to Rupert this year for heeding the voice of common decency. P. 18

6 Jay-Z

Straight out of retirement, his torso is selling laptops and his smile is selling beer. P. 6

7 dieter zetsche

The good doctor seemed likeable, but he received some bad reviews. P. 30

8 Rachael Ray

To make one media empire, add a dash of Martha, a pinch of Oprah, and smile! P. 6

9 Julie Roehm

Her second act, at Wal-Mart, was one for the ages. What will she do for Act Three? P. 6

10 Gary Brolsma

Don't recognize his name? Two words should jog your memory: Numa Numa. P. 6

... and a lizard

11 Gecko:

He's British. He's green. He recruits fellow lizards to help him sell insurance. While his colleague, the Geico Caveman, found a home in our lists, the Gecko had to make do with a cover shot.
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