Creatives Create a Clamor at Creativity Awards Show

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It being awards season, Adages would have been remiss had we not journeyed down to an awards show held by our very own sibling publication, Creativity. You can check out Creativity Editor Teressa Iezzi's column for the philosophical underpinnings of the show, but Adages was delighted to attend an awards event that didn't have 7 million categories (which always seem designed to ensure that everyone can win at least one prize -- Best In Show for an 8-by-7, Black-and-White Ad Running in a Northwestern Wisconsin Market and Targeted at Norwegian-American Readers Between the Ages of 19 and 23).
Take that, Crispin! Ogilvy's Nancy Vonk and Steve Hayden.
Take that, Crispin! Ogilvy's Nancy Vonk and Steve Hayden. Credit: Doug Goodman

Some of the winners were on hand and agreed to a brief Q&A with Teressa, including Droga5's Duncan Marshall, BBH New York's Kevin Roddy, R/GA's Bob Greenberg, TBWA New York's Craig Allen, Crispin Porter & Bogusky's Dave Clemans, Ogilvy Toronto's Nancy Vonk and Al Moseley of Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam.

We'd love to tell you what was said, but we didn't hear much of it. Apparently, all those cool cats were too absorbed in their own conversations to stop and gain some wisdom. With all our shushing and pleas to "Be quiet," Adages probably sounded like the nuns during our weekly trips to church back in Catholic school. Thankfully, we hadn't worn a tie that day or we'd have been totally pegged as a square. We did hear Clemans say something about an "ax murderer." He was either talking about the VW campaign or making a point about gun control, but either way, it certainly caught our interest.

Adages took some time to congratulate the Ogilvy crew for their grand-prize win with the Dove "Evolution" spot. Vonk and Ogilvy Worldwide Vice Chairman Steve Hayden were obviously pleased as punch to have gone up against some of the coolest kids on the advertising block and come out on top. But those cool kids are always up to something. While chatting, we noticed the daughter of Psyop's Justin Booth-Clibborn running off with Hayden's umbrella.

Bob Greenberg and the case of the bitten apple

The noise at the Creativity Awards didn't drown out all the good stuff, in particular a claim by R/GA wizard in chief Bob Greenberg. Of course, Bob has many claims to fame -- the smarts, an Oscar, crazy hair, a wardrobe full of clothes stolen from an Armani-obsessed ninja -- but if we overheard correctly, these may all be overshadowed by his contribution to Steve Jobs' Apple. Actually it was more what Bob took away from Apple -- namely the chunk that's missing out of the famous logo. Yes, the digital sorcerer seemed to be telling a small gathering, including this pub's editor, that he was responsible for "taking a bite out of the Apple," as well as helping select the pretty, gay-pride colors in which said logo was resplendent for so many years. We can find no record of Bob's role on the interweb machine, nor have we made any attempt to fact check the claim with the always-helpful Apple PR folks. Besides, no sooner is such a claim confirmed by one party than it's disputed by another. The number of people who claim to have had a part in creating icons such as Tony the Tiger is probably higher than the number of Frenchmen claiming to have had family in the resistance.

Agencies develop sudden case of humility

Amp'd Mobile is winning awards for bringing to the third screen content that appeals to the mass market. So it seemed like a no-brainer that Amp'd, which was conducting an agency review, would think about setting up the whole process as a mobisode -- a made-for-mobile reality series. But alas, when the time came to turn the camera on the agencies, they demurred, causing Amp'd marketing chief Doug Dobie to pull the plug on the project. "We needed to move forward and not make this a sideshow," Mr. Dobie said. So far, the review has been narrowed to four shops: Cutwater and Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco; Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Sausalito, Calif.; and 72andSunny, Los Angeles. Final presentations, off camera, are scheduled for the first week of June.

Contributing: Jonah Bloom, Alice Z. Cuneo
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