Direct Marketing Winners

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Verizon FiOS
Client: Verizon
Agency: La Agencia de Orci & Asociados
Los Angeles
This glossy, high-quality direct-mail campaign for Verizon Communications' high-speed internet service was carefully targeted to potential subscribers with different interests. Different pieces focused, with colorful copy and images, on music lovers, online gamers, sports fans and TV addicts. The agency reports the campaign had a 3.1% response rate and sold 1,107 FiOs packages.

Client: American Honda Motor Co.
Agency: La Agencia de Orci & Asociados
Los Angeles
This bilingual direct-mail campaign to Honda customers, pointing out that the best way to care for your Honda during its lifetime is by using original parts, was tested by dealers in Texas, Florida and San Diego. The agency grabbed recipients' attention with imagery and a headline that spelled popular local attractions or brands as though they were Spanish words: "Guataburger" for Texas burger chain Whataburger, "Bersace" (Versace) for the Miami Cuban crowd and "SiGüerld" (Sea World) in San Diego.

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