You're Divided on Whether the Industry Needs Its Own Week

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"Do other industries have their own weeks? This sadly seems to have confirmed with many people outside the industry that we think a bit too much of ourselves," said Cass Baker of Leapfrog Online.
What you say:
Advertising Week is meant to show off the industry to the public and instill some pride in the ranks. But opinion seems divided on whether or not it's necessary. A slim majority -- 51% -- of those responding to our poll said they could do without.
"Our work is on display every day of every week of every year as that is what we do."

"What the industry needs is to focus that energy toward communicating the contributions advertising and marketing make within our national and global economies," said Tami Grimes of Entech Creative. "The industry does a great job communicating on behalf of its clients but a lousy job communicating its value as an industry."

Still, plenty of people saw the week's value.

"It is only through events such as Advertising Week that one can focus society's attention on the benefits of advertising. ... In fact, advertising is a dimension of freedom of speech and the free-market economy," said Sunil Chiplunkar of Sante Mernaud-Merck Medicati.

Several respondents said the week is necessary to introduce the industry to younger people considering advertising as a career field. "Maybe it would be good to have some events that are really geared to the college audience," said Melissa Mazenet of AOL Media Networks. "Invite agency people (not necessarily all the senior folks) to talk to college students on what they can expect once they enter the field."

-- Kimberly D. Williams

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