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Put a fork in 2007, it's done. To celebrate, we submit to you another Book of Tens. As an early holiday gift for those who thought last year's Wal-Mart/ DraftFCB saga smelled of tabloid journalism, this issue is 99.9% Julie Roehm-free. That said, this year gave us Steve Biegel and a lawsuit full of things that made last year's Wal-Mart drama seem positively PG-13.
Ken Wheaton
Ken Wheaton

Of course, there were plenty of real, market-shifting stories, ranging from Rupert Murdoch's Dow Jones play to Facebook to the unstoppable rise of digital. But since we've laid it all out for you in handy-dandy lists, there's no need to go on about it here.

You'll note that we're offering a few more trends lists this year. Why? The fact is it's just fun to stick your neck out. Even better is looking at the previous year's projections to see how well you did. Last year, for example, we had David Droga, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama on our people-to-watch list. Score! Never mind that until three weeks ago, Obama was starting to look like roadkill on Hillary Clinton's path to the Democratic nomination. Or that we told you to keep an eye on Tom Freston.

Sure, we called the childhood-obesity issue. But a blind cavefish could have seen that one coming. On the other hand, there was this gem from one of our trend lists last year: "The chief marketing officer will rise in stature as a C-suite player." There are a few CMOs out there who might disagree. We also missed out on the whole shopper-marketing trend, the subject of one of our most-emailed stories of 2007.

Sadly, the one sure thing about next year is the ad market's going to be soft and the economy will still be grappling with the subprime mess and a housing slowdown. On the bright side, we feel safe in predicting that some will make out like bandits as the result of record-shattering political spending. We'd predict that someone will be elected president next November, but after the 2000 results and considering this year's crop, we're not willing to stick our necks out that far.

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