Eye Tracking Studies Offer Ways To Breaking Through Shelf Clutter

Five Tips to Make Your Brand Pop on the Supermarket Aisle

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Own a color: Also referred to as "brand blocking," it can be a powerful tool when considering the entire category if you can find an unused color. Example: Garnier Fructis and its bright-green packaging in the hair-care aisle.

Stand out: Shoppers view only about half the brands displayed in many categories. Failed new-product launches can often be blamed on poor packaging that blends into an existing category.

Be different: If everyone's package is round and tall, go for angular and short. Experts say structural innovations-unique shapes-are consistently strong in generating consideration. Example: Method's breakthrough innovation with modern, streamlined package design.

Shelf placement: If you thought eye level was ideal, think again. Optimal shelf placement is at arm level and central within a product category. Studies also have shown products placed to the right of the dominant brand fare better. Why? Once shoppers find an initial focal point, they scan right and/or downward in a reading pattern.

White space: Never overwhelm the shopper. Simplicity pays off when other brands and packages are cluttered. Too many messages mean important claims could be overlooked.
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