Food & Wine Publisher Tries His Hand at Saber Rattling

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Food & Wine VP-Publisher J.P. Kyrillos is getting married this fall. And what's the point of being the big shot at Food & Wine if you can't call in a favor or two? Adages isn't talking about the wine selection for his reception. Oh, no. J.P. decided he wanted to learn how to get all Napoleonic on a bottle of champagne. He'd seen such a demonstration at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colo. And though he was offered a chance to slice open a bottle of bubbly while there, someone pointed out that if it was done wrong at 10,000 feet the bottle could shatter. So last week J.P. and F&W Associate Publisher Christina Grdovic headed down to Rémy Cointreau's offices in Manhattan for a saber lesson.
Pop-top: One way to remember your anniversary.
Pop-top: One way to remember your anniversary.

Jennifer Simonetti, wine educator at Rémy Cointreau, walked them through the paces. "It did take a few tries," J.P. admitted, but he thinks he'll be ready in time for the wedding. "Luckily I've got three months to practice." And though he borrowed a Remy Cointreau saber for the lesson, he plans on buying his own for the big event.

She's more than meets the eye

Perhaps our recent mentions of the "Transformers" movie have led some people to believe Adages has a fondness for action figures. How else to explain the recent package we received from WGBH in Boston, which is promoting an upcoming Masterpiece Theatre series? No, we aren't the proud owners of a Sherlock Holmes doll or a Martin Chuzzlewit with a kung-fu grip. Instead, we're in possession of a Jane Austen action figure "with writing desk and quill pen!" Super Jane is promoting "The Complete Jane Austen," in which "adaptations of all six Jane Austen novels and a special biography of Austen will be broadcast as a complete collection."

Police blotter or PR stunt? You decide

Adages is always skeptical when giant parts of outdoor advertising go missing. Sure, it could be some whacked-out teen making off with a prop for his room. Or it could be a company spiriting away its own property to get an extra couple of mentions in the press. The latest is the "Case of the Missing Muffin." A 4-foot-tall, 175-pound blueberry muffin owned by Bloom supermarket chain has been stolen from the parking lot of a Bloom store in Greer, S.C. The muffin was part of a 2005 Obie award-winning effort in which it appeared to have fallen off a billboard, crushing the car below it. It was doing a victory tour of Bloom supermarkets when it was stolen.

"It wouldn't fit in a normal car. It's very large," Bloom Assistant Manager Joe Henderson told local NBC affiliate WYFF Channel 4. "I don't know what anyone would want with it. I think more or less, it is probably a prank more than anything else."

A cash reward and a year's free muffins have been offered for information leading to its return. The Greer police are working on the case. The muffin, as well as the reward posters, are the work of BooneOakley, Charlotte, N.C.

Tall beautiful hair

Health brought its readers back to the '60s with a Girls Night Out in New York City. Women (and a couple of men) were treated to a night of makeovers, massages and a screening of "Hairspray." And, yes, the makeovers included towering piles of shellacked hair topped off with colorful bows. In addition to the unlimited number of gourmet finger foods, waiters served the night's signature drink, a Healthtini. We're sure our doctor would disagree but a few of those seems the healthy way to cap off the evening.

"The concept stems from Health's focus on the one thing women need more of in their lives: 'me'-time," said Renee Tulenko, associate publisher of Health. "What better way to take time for yourself than with a girlfriend at your side for the latest chick flick?"

Funny, Adages thought "me" time was a bucket of fried chicken and a "Rocky" marathon. Whatever it is, it certainly never involved John Travolta in drag.

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