Glaceau's Vitaminwater: A Marketing 50 Case Study

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Glacéau and its Vitaminwater brand have come a long way from their roots in Queens. More than a decade after its founding in 1996, Glacéau continues to dominate the "enhanced-water" niche it pioneered. So much so that Coca-Cola Co. last year decided on a buy-it-not-beat-it strategy, acquiring Glacéau for $4.1 billion.

In a saturated category, Vitamin-water posted a 19.3% gain in 2008 sales, as of Sept. 7, hitting $315.3 million, according to Information Resources Inc.

The brand, under Glacéau Chief Marketing Officer Rohan Oza, employs playful packaging and pop-culture tie-ins via the "Sex and the City" movie and the CW's teen drama "Gossip Girl." Vitaminwater also ran a spot during this year's Super Bowl, via Berlin Cameron United, New York.

Vitaminwater is well-known for its long list of celebrity endorsers, including athletes such as LeBron James and entertainers such as rapper 50 Cent.

In fact, 50 Cent is more than just a Vitaminwater "friend." Vitaminwater dedicated a flavor, called Formula 50, to the performer. The rapper was an early investor in Vitaminwater, and he made as much as $400 million in the Coke acquisition of Glacéau.
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