How Google sells ads in old media

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In Newspapers:

Participating advertisers log in to Google's online marketplace, describe the ad space they want-specifying parameters such as geography, day of the week and section-and make bids. They can upload creative at this point or just describe it and upload it later if publishers accept their offers.

Newspapers use the marketplace to view bids and accept the ones they want.

If publishers reject an offer, they can say why or ask for a higher bid.

Advertisers receive information about how and when their ads appeared.

In Radio:

Participating advertisers can use information from Google based on gross-impression delivery by week to predict the potential impact of a campaign.

Advertisers place insertion orders to book the inventory. The creative is uploaded to Google's online marketplace for stations to select.

Once it is downloaded from Google, the spot can be altered to the station's specifications to maximize its local focus.

Once the campaign airs, Google tracks commercial impressions and clearance in real time. Results are logged for the station to review the next day.
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