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Industry Execs Share What They Hope to Get Out of Advertising Week

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We asked a few people what they'd be taking in and what they hoped to get out of Advertising Week in New York.

Gian LaVecchia, managing partner-digital content marketing for North America, MEC:

I always enjoy an opportunity to hear from Seth Godin, so I'll likely check that session out. "The Wired CMO" is another session that could elevate some interesting insights since the role has never faced a more turbulent marketing environment. … Of course I'll find time to attend the IAB MIXX event since the controversial topic of ad blocking has created serious pushback. Oh, and possibly Alabama Shakes and Snoop as well. ... Generally, it's a pretty fantastic networking opportunity to connect with colleagues, clients and old friends across the broader industry.

Seth Rogin, chief revenue officer, Mashable

This year you will find me at the panels and events focused on video, distributed and mobile media. The combination of these forces in their forms and time allotments has changed the advertising landscape forever.

Advertising Week can be mind-boggling in terms of invitations and events. … It's all about priorities. I want to make smart choices with my calendar so that I come out wiser than when I started.

Jackie Hernandez, chief marketing officer, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

I hope to find out how consumer consumption and technology is converging and how marketers are looking to reach consumers in this continuous evolution -- including different forms of advertising such as native.

Wendy Clark, president-sparkling brands & strategic marketing, Coca-Cola North America

Looking forward to a learning and sharing session with Twitter's SWAT team (Super Women At Twitter) --surely, like #shareacoke, they have their own #SWAT emoji? And delighted to join Susan Wojcicki during YouTube's presentation at the IAB MIXX meeting to share the many impacts and innovations YouTube has created for our brands. (I'll be the one in the Coke T-shirt.)

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