Lessons Learned From BofA CMO Anne Finucane

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Five tips from on managing a multiagency relationship:
  1. Centralize leadership: Appoint a small team composed of both marketer and agency executives that establishes and manages the workloads of all participating agencies.
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilites. Define a clear and transparent scope of work, and meet regularly with key players to check progress.
  3. Create schedules and routines. Adopt consistent scheduling and reporting programs so all participants understand project time frames.
  4. Communicate with clarity. Build an environment of listening, engagement and two-way dialogue between agency and client. Establish shared brand guidelines and characteristics so agency and client have a common framework and language with which to judge creative.
  5. Measure Performance. Conduct regular 360-degree reviews to assess agency performance, identify gaps in the client-agency relationship and make recommendations.
Source: Bank of America

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