Letters, June 14, 2010

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Don't tar all Brits with the same brush re: the BP fiasco

In response to: "Brits Say BP Isn't So Bad," AdAge.com

I've been in the U.K. all this week and have been hearing from colleagues much the same thing -- bad disaster, but "Obama sure is taking it out on BP." I'm not saying who is right and wrong -- or in the president's words, "whose ass to kick" -- but the comment keeps coming up.

As a Brit, I feel I have to defend us by saying that anyone with half a brain cell (and there are a few of us over here) would acknowledge that BP have been entirely useless in their handling of the disaster.

The article is correct in saying the most Brits don't associate themselves with corporations like BP, but suggesting that we might be sympathetic toward them because they pay a high tax bill is way off the mark. I've also not heard anyone suggesting that Obama is unjustly giving BP a hard time -- most people acknowledge that they deserve an "ass-kicking."


In the June 7 edition of Ad Age's Women to Watch special report, Kirsten Flanik was incorrectly identified as exec VP-senior account director at BBDO, New York. She is exec VP-senior worldwide director.

In the June 7 story about the American Advertising Federation's partnership with the University of Missouri, the organization was misidentified as the American Advertising Foundation. Additionally, Bob Wehling is in the Hall of Fame, not Hall of Achievement.

CLARIFICATION: In the June 7 story about the Examiner, the number of articles the site publishes is 85,000 per month, not 80,000 per month. For its campaign with Iams, the site had 840 writers who published 4,000 articles, not 630 writers who published 400 articles. The information as it originally appeared was incorrectly conveyed by the company.

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