Letters, Oct. 18, 2010

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Harvesting trees is environmentally sound

RE: "Recycled Fiber a Buried Treasure for Marcal" (AA, Sept. 6).

I'm hoping to help the readers of Ad Age's September 6 "CMO Interview" sleep easier. In touting Marcal's recycled tissue products in that interview, M.J. Jolda of Marcal said she stays up at night worrying that "... we as a society are still cutting down trees for something we don't need to."

As a professionally trained forester, I assure you that responsible timber harvesting is something we as a society must do to keep America's forests perpetually healthy and growing.

Everyone should recycle paper. But let's not forget that all recycled fiber was a tree at one point -- and this fiber cannot be recycled indefinitely. If all timber harvesting ended today, it wouldn't be long before Marcal would be out of the fiber it needs to make its recycled products.

The problem with 'boomers'

Re: "Boomers -- Yes, Boomers -- Spend the Most on Tech" (AA, Oct. 11)

"Due to Broad Demographic Grouping Problems, Biggest Misconception About (Boomer) Group Is That They're All the Same." Thank you, thank you, thank you! This sums up precisely what's wrong whenever marketing gurus talk up the boomer market. To my mind, whenever I hear a statement that begins, "One thing to keep in mind about baby boomers ..." what I hear is someone who is relying on lazy segmentation to sell a point of view.


Community Newspaper Holdings had 2009 revenue of $458 million (down 14.4% from $535 million in 2008), placing it No. 73 on Ad Age's 100 Leading Media Companies ranking. These figures are based on Ad Age DataCenter's revised analysis of the private company's revenue; Ad Age previously had estimated 2009 revenue at $371 million (Media 100, Sept. 27, 2010).

RE: "Advertising Week: Now New and Improved" (Oct. 4). The story incorrectly attributed E-Trade CMO Nicholas Utton's quote to Nick Brien.

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