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Time Inc. pares back portfolio; sells 18 titles

Time Inc. will sell 18 titles from its Parenting Group and Time4 Media divisions. The sale kicks off the much-anticipated but previously uncertain asset dispositions by the country's biggest magazine publisher.

"While these titles are good performers, Time Inc. is focusing its energy, resources and investment on our largest and most profitable brands, brands that have demonstrated an ability to draw large audiences in print and digital form," CEO Ann Moore wrote in a memo explaining the decision to sell.

NBC launches NBBC, syndicated video service

NBC Universal moved into the online-video-aggregation business last week, launching a syndicated-video partnership that it hopes will catapult the company into the video-aggregation big leagues.

NBC Universal Television Group President-COO Officer Randy Falco said the move was designed to "unlock the video package of the future." NBC hopes wide video distribution coupled with top-notch content will draw in advertisers fazed by a multitude of online buys.

This fall, its must-see computer screens

To catch this season's must-see TV, televisions appear to be optional. NBC shows can be seen on AOL and Yahoo, as well as its own website. CBS is using Yahoo, Google and TiVo. CW is streaming shows on MSN. ABC has free finales on iTunes and is launching premieres on ABC.com.

Marketers add money to broadcast TV upfront buys

This year's late, late upfront is giving the TV ad market a bit of an unexpected bounce, with media buyers reporting that clients are adding to their upfront buys, inspired by the surprisingly strong network-programming roster.

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