Mobile: What to watch in 2007

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The landscape is fast-evolving. Ad Age details the big trends as PriceWaterhouseCoopers sees them.

Coupon clipping: Consumers are open to mobile advertising but it must be permission-based and marketers must give something of value: a discount or information about a sale, special airfare or new fashion.

Ad-supported entertainment: Consumers still view phones as utilitarian, one-to-one conversation devices, but they're interested in advertising to offset subscription costs for basic talk, web, entertainment and other, more-advanced services.

Direct-marketing shift: Of the $160 billion marketers spend each year on direct marketing 10%-or about $16 billion-will shift to the mobile phone. Carriers may adopt a Google-pay-per-click ad model, with clicks garnering as much as 50› each and sales pulling in $10 or more.

"Snakes on a Plane" effect: Viral and community opportunities on the mobile phone are more powerful than the web-think teens crank calling their friends with a recording of Samuel L. Jackson's famous "Snakes on a Plane" remarks. MySpace, exclusive on the Helio service, soon will be offered more widely.

The new 411: Alternate 411 services-often ad supported and free-are gaining momentum. They offer everything from pizza discounts to elaborate conciergelike services that provide tutorials or other specialized information.
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