Movie of the Week: 'World's Oldest Copywriter'

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It was a good week for the old Adages inbox. It was so good, in fact, we thought we'd be able to get away with simply cutting and pasting some press releases, slapping our name up top and turning off the computer. But alas, some things are simply too good to leave alone.

Take, for example, a DVD resume we received. No, it wasn't from now-embarrassed investment-banker wannabe Aleksey Vayner, who's become a bit of sport for Gawker and other mean websites. Rather, the DVD resume we received was from Earl Cole, who described himself as "the oldest copywriter in the world."

Earl's DVD is a charming mix of the old and new. Earl, though appearing in a new-fangled DVD, is pictured in front of a typewriter, clacking away at a list of some of his career highlights. Some fancy production work even shows us some of those hits-spots for Panasonic and Schweppes, among others.

Those blasts from the past are eventually interrupted by the reason septuagenarian Earl is looking to pick up some work: 7-year-old twins. Nope, those aren't his granddaughters, says Earl, but rather a late-life surprise for him and his wife.

Wrote Earl when we e-mailed asking if this was real or some sort of weird viral marketing campaign: "Yes, this is real. I am 77 and do have twin daughters and do need to find some extra income."

We asked Earl how he's kept up with the technology that enabled him to come up with such a slick production and he was kind enough to be honest. "I'm not really that computer literate," says he. "I am old-guy computer literate. But I am married to a much younger ex-art director who is very computer savvy, and will give her hubby a helping hand."

Still, he hasn't put it up on YouTube yet.

For those looking to hire Earl, he wrote Panasonic's "Just slightly ahead of our time," worked with both Mr. Clean and Flip Wilson (on Colgate), won Ted Bates its first Clio (and a Silver Lion) and, while at Leo Burnett, Chicago, "was the co-star of the famous 'Chicken' story."

Earl said that particular story "is too long to go into," but we're working on him, folks. We're working on him.

Found! World's first example of blogger-related humility

In other matters coming across our transom, we received a notice from Brooklyn Brothers, who announced their new blog in a rather unique way. "Why is blogging like urinating in a dark suit? Because it gives you a warm feeling but no one else notices. Yes, the Brooklyn Brothers have entered the blogosphere. You can find out how little is on our mind by visiting or by clicking the link on our home page. Be among the twelve people (including relatives) to read our random thoughts." What's unique about this isn't the imagery. It's that rare realization by a blogger that so few people are actually reading.

ITunes finds God; Carmelite nuns find voice

So what could possibly be odder than a DVD starring the world's oldest copywriter and a blog announcement complete with self-awareness and pee-pee jokes? How about Carmelite nuns getting in on the whole iTunes craze? That's right, boys and girls. Starting today, you kids using the interwebs and the iTunes can start downloading "Godcasts." The installments can also be found on, where the sisters will share "their personal thoughts about living a contemplative, if not religious, life, as well as the role of media in our lives."

It's all the fun of Catholic school without the itchy uniforms and the wooden rulers across the palm!

But seriously, the site was originally designed by ad agency Young & Laramore, Indianapolis, to help the nuns, who can't leave the convent, recruit members.

According to Creative Director Carolyn Hadlock: "The hope of doing this is ... to help people see the void that this small group of women fill. It also continues to push the contrast of perception of them (being stuck in time) with the reality of them (technologically advanced and connected)."

Madison meets Vine, is told to vacate premises, keep quiet

How do you get an agency full of creatives and account people to use their inside voices? Start shooting! Film, that is (rim shot, please). New York agency SS&K opened its doors to the crew of "Definitely Maybe" while filming was conducted in its office. According to our source, the main character, played by Ryan Reynolds, is an ex-political consultant who moves to the agency world (is that a good move or a bad move, we wonder?). "Since several of SS&K's own executives come from the world of politics, filming the movie on location, naming the film's agency after SS&K, and integrating many of the agency's own branded marketing materials and work seemed to be a natural fit." Yeah, that and everyone secretly wants to be in pictures. Our helper monkey also tells us that Executive Creative Director and Partner Marty Cooke and Partner Mark Kaminsky were booted from their desks for the day since shooting was conducted in their office.

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