Notable space ad-ventures

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1993: Arnold Schwarzenegger buys an ad on the side of a rocket to promote "Last Action Hero."

1996: Pepsi pays Russia to float a can outside the Mir space station.

2000: Pizza Hut puts its logo on side of Proton rocket in Kazakhstan and delivers the first pizza to space.

2001: Lego promotes its "Life on Mars" set by sending it into space-along with 300 Lego aliens-on a Russian expedition.

2002: Pepsi considers giving away a ride on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and 'N Sync's Lance Bass looks for sponsors to pay his way. Both plans fizzle.

2006: A Russian astronaut is expected to whack a golf ball into orbit off the International Space Station as part of a promotion for Element 21, a golf-equipment manufacturer.
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