Letters, August 4, 2008

Online Advertising is Strong Has Great Long-Term Future

In Letter to the Editor Joe Apprendi Defends Online Ads

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Online's Long-Term Outlook Is Strong

In determining that the display-advertising market is "overhyped" in her July 28 article ("$80 Billion? Online Display Market Is Being Overhyped), Abbey Klaassen cautions that the "trough" of ad dollars may not be bottomless after all. However, looking at the issue in light of our current economic state is taking too much of a short-term view. The potential of display advertising needs to be viewed in the long term. Granted, overall ad spending is down due to the economy -- and display advertising certainly isn't immune to that -- but while display advertising might not grow as fast as originally forecasted (at least through the balance of 2008), the long-term opportunity is only getting better.

Online advertising is a strong, long-term medium that's just barely been tapped by leading brands. Brand advertisers have yet to firmly adopt the medium -- not because it isn't a good channel, but because it takes time. When brand advertisers start to really capitalize on online display ads, that's when the shift will occur. In fact, this is the primary growth opportunity.

Online display advertising has significant potential for three important reasons. First, it provides better opportunities for targeting, especially on the behavioral-targeting front. Second, it provides better opportunities for tapping into rich media, such as online video, which is currently the fastest-growing segment of online display advertising. And finally, display enables advertisers to see the impact and correlation of their spending on search advertising. This is significant, as advertisers are just beginning to learn how display advertising impacts their online search campaigns.

All of the above, along with 100% measurability and accountability of media spend, is difficult to ignore in the long run no matter what economic cycle the ad market is in today.
Joe Apprendi
Collective Media
New York

It's all good and well that marketing managers allocate a percentage of their budgets to tick an online box and reach an audience, but it is the content that counts. A standard 250-by-300 display banner ad has a role to play but has a shelf life that is not going to get the consumer engagement required to cut through for a branded experience. In order to truly use the medium to its potential, marketing managers should understand the role each online execution plays for their brand and reconsider their online creative content strategy.
Kevin Townsend
New York

Groundswell of Noxzema nostalgia

This would be the perfect time to resurrect Noxzema -- it's inexpensive and does two jobs: cleansing and moisturizing. With folks watching their dollars these days, a reintroduction to a younger crowd just might succeed -- with some savvy marketing, of course.
Toni Antonetti
Mundelein, Ill.

It's a shame. Noxzema is such a strong brand. Like they said, there are a lot of strong memories tied to this versatile product. If they could tap into that nostalgia, I think they could usher in a new generation of loyal customers and reinforce their current users' confidence in the product. I'd take that job!
Jacob Murphy
Stamford, Conn.

This is a great brand and it's a perfect time to reintroduce it. With the economy where it is, even affluent adults are simplifying, paring down and getting a bit nostalgic, and most have very positive memories of Noxzema. What a fantastic marketing challenge!
Dianne Druyff

Dear sir: We are not so easily offended

RE: Jonah Bloom's "Dear Sir: I Write to Inform You That I've Taken Offense." From people with eye patches to people with hammer phobias, someone somewhere is always going to be offended by something. The problem is not the advertisements. It's the people watching them who are too quick to take offense.
Brian Havig
New York

Thank you for that window of humor. Unfortunately your colleague Bob Garfield got his message through, and it is believed that Mars is pulling the incriminated Snickers ad off air. Why on earth does the U.K. have to suffer from some stupid PC American living thousands of miles away?

Thank God he is not in the White House. He would have bombed London.
Hubert Boulos


In "Pay-For-Play Wends Its Way Into TV News," William Madway's name was spelled incorrectly.
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